Hello everyone! My name is Emily, but you can also call me Em! I am approachable by either of those options with the pronouns she/her.  I have a huge passion for helping others and creating an inclusive environment where everyone can succeed. Some of my hobbies include sports, adventuring, and cooking! Over the years I played a lot of sports including rugby, soccer, basketball, and football. Due to numerous head injuries I had to switch that path and turned into coaching! Within my adventures and learnings of new countries and cultures, traveling has enhanced my variety of knowledge. I also adore food and learning about new cultures hands on. I have a huge passion for kids and teaching. My goal when I teach and interact with others is to demonstrate ways on how to be a kind, caring, and, strong individual. I find respect and positive societal morals to be a key part of teaching as everyone deserves to be treated equally and kindly, including the nature and earth around us.