As many of my fellow students know, this week is reading week!!

This means I will be travelling home for a few days and I am so excited!

When it comes to my inquiry and being back home in North Vancouver, I am so thrilled to see where it will take me. I will most probably not be going to any gyms however yesterday I did have my soccer game that was in my normal schedule. While I am home I am going to incorporate the lovely outdoors into my activities and see what kind of benefit that can bring. North Vancouver has so many gorgeous adventures that I always love to go on. These adventures include, with my own photos from over time:

The Power-line trail connecting to many forests and hikes:

Cleveland Damn:

Deep Cove:

Lonsdale Quay:

Rice Lake:

Grouse Mountain Trails and Roads:

Seymour Demonstration Forest:

Auto-mall Harbour Front/Spirit Trail

Ambleside Beach and Seawall

All of these photos are my own and from really special adventures I went on with friends and family. North Vancouver holds a very special place in my heart and these are just some of my favourite spots to walk around and enjoy the beauty of North Van. I feel so blessed to be in such a gorgeous home town and to have access to the mountains one way, the forest another, and then just down the road the ocean! My biggest message for everyone this week is that nature is the best healing!

  • go on a walk a day
  • step outside for breaks
  • swim outdoors
  • take your shoes off outside
  • eat outside
  • walking to school/work

These are little ways to start implementing the healing nature can provide in your everyday life regardless of specific injury or not. As my inquiry is about specific injury and feelings due to this injury, it does not limit my health suggestions to only concussion experienced individuals. Please take care of yourself before an injury occurs. I used to assume that since I was not injured prior to my concussions, I did not need to take these precautions, NO!! take precautions regardless of your history of health.

With that being said, I will keep you posted next week on how my home visit was and how my favourites places has made me feel regarding physical and mental health!

Take care of yourself this break friends and remember your body and health comes first! Smiles from,

  • Em:)