Today, on this rainy, stormy, windy, cold Monday… we had our second class of EdCamps! I felt like today was the perfect class to have these discussions as we are fresh back from reading break, lots on our minds, and its a miserable weathered Monday. Personally I enjoy reading lists and point form when it comes to information, so I am going to display the pros and cons I found from today’s EdCamp!

Edcamp — PD for and by Teachers | Carney Sandoe & Associates
Photo taken from Carney Sandoe & Associates


  • hearing what our peers think
  • having people with the same worries and feelings surrounding you
  • discussing and finding answers to questions I did not even know I had
  • the chance to go to more than one topic of discussion
  • the time allotted felt great
  • not having too many people in the group allowed for my voice to be heard and it was not too rushed or loud
  • I got to discuss what I have wonders and passions for


  • areas we met in were loud and or crowded
  • more time would be always helpful (but what we had today was a great starter)
  • going in the circle to share may be helpful as it is hard to tell who wants to speak next (ensuring everyones voice and ideas are heard)
  • could not do all the topics I wanted (then again, understandable because it was a class EdCamp so time is impacting)

Overall, I found almost all my cons to only be caused because of class time EdCamp and not due to the topics and or activity itself, leaving me still very fond of these sessions! I really had to think for cons, and they are simply just things that were caused because of available time and space. Today really allowed me to learn, share, and think broader as my peers discussed ideas I had never even thought of before. These sessions can range in time and topic, allowing for everyone to share and hear out the thoughts of those around them. I really think EdCamp sessions are so important as they can strengthen teams, and group work or understanding/learning. I really enjoyed today and I am sad to see it be our last EdCamp.

Thank you for stopping by, and remember to smile and have a dope day!

  • Em:)