Another zoom and another really beneficial guest speaker! I truly loved Rebecca’s presentation and how it was real. When I say real I mean not a script, not a performance, and not something she is paid to do. She showed us how her classroom looked, worked, and or strategies she has. I adored how for every question and resource Rebecca came across, she had an answer. The way she is all in for the benefit for her students and comfort in the classroom was so appealing to me as a teacher!

Something I am going to use in my classroom: Jars of Regulation

I found this so helpful for the teacher and students, I cannot wait to use the independent ways of communication with my students one day so I can benefit their well being as well as learning.

Something in my other inquiry for my seminar course, I discussed budget and how it can affect teacher’s ability to create a safe and engaging learning space. Rebecca mentioned how she found and made much of her tools and play areas which I though was fantastic as I am so big on thrifting!!

Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash

Westside Montessori in Vancouver (@montessori_elementary)
Westside Montessori in Vancouver

Another huge thing I noticed in Rebecca’s classroom was the colour scheme and layout. It was student focused and calm. These simple decorations and colours allowed for student art to be the focus. I think the space felt extremely safe and was really there for student benefit! I do have more questions and I know I always will…so I decided to do some research of my own!

Things like:

These were all discussed and main topics of interest after this zoom! I appreciated hearing from Rebecca and how learning can come in so many ways. Thank you for the experience Rebecca!


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