So friends… we are nearing the end of my free inquiry but that does not mean I am gone. I am always reachable and here! With that being said I would like to take this inquiry post to acknowledge things that make me happy. What I do in my life and what others do that makes me smile. During and after my concussion I found myself really limited from the biggest things in life that brought me the most joy: rugby, choir, soccer, freely working out and being active, singing, music, and more. This was a hard transition and I still feel the affects. With this being said, I also want to share this crazy story of how my concussion lead me to clarity in my ideas and passions of becoming a teacher.

I am taking you way back to grade 11 Em… the rugby, soccer, and adventure Em! So it was spring time and my team and I were playing in the second match of the day that determined whether we made it to provincials that year. These games were quick, intense, and had a lot riding on them. It was part way through the second game and not to bring every detail into this but basically as you can assume, I ended up getting knocked out and getting concussed after making an awkward tackle. This tackle was on someone who happened to be a friend from my BC summer games team! Unfortunately all of her body weight landed on my head and left me unconscious for a brief moment before the other teams coach was at my side getting me off the pitch. This coach was a coach of mine at BC games and is someone I still appreciate to this day for the care they showed me on and off the field. The next chunk of time I am about to explain is what I know from teammates and parents explaining what happened as I do not know. I was taken off the field but insisted to go back on and play, and unfortunately our coach let me back on the pitch unaware of the state I was in. A minute or two later the other team scored a try and we met under the posts. I looked at my close friend and said “Chiara, where am I? What are we doing?” and she panicked because as she still describes to this day… I looked like I had seen a ghost! At the time I am sure that was scary, but now we laugh and chat about that time quite often. Anyway, immediately they called for my parents on the sidelines and my mom walked off with me as my dad grabbed the car. I only remember being in the car onwards and how I literally was trying to walk out of the car to go play the match we needed to win, but my dad locked the doors on me and my parents explained what happened. From there we went to the clinic and I was beginning to understand the medical assistance I needed to get. (there is loads more to this story but that is for another time!)

So, as the weeks after my concussion went on, I was becoming mentally affected with the high amounts of things being “taken away”. By saying this I mean the numerous activities and hobbies I could no longer do for a period of time because of my head. Whether it was doctors orders or it just genuinely caused me pain, it was really hard to move on with life when sports, singing, school, music, movies, and more were not easy. As I started to feel better in public spaces I returned to work at Sunday School. I have taught Sunday School since grade 9. I have always adored my job and the kiddos I get to teach. This was something that my head state did not affect and or limit. Something that brought me so much joy. Something I could still do:)

The more I taught, and the less I did of other every day activities, the more I realized my passion was right in front of me this whole time. I needed to teach, surrounding myself with others. People is where I find my space that brings me happiness and sparks my curiosity. I have alway been a strong believer that in every situation there is a positive, and I know I found mine. My injury may have affected me in ways that were unexpected, unpleasant, and or unwanted, but I know one thing for sure. It gave me a pause on the image I set myself out to fill, and allowed me to see what I truly loved and wanted to do. Teaching was never taken away or limited due to my injuries, something I am so grateful for and how it lead me down this path to the cohort 1 <3

the biggest smiles and hugs

love Em:)