Last weeks predictions:

Prediction: I predict that soccer will have the same if not a similar affect as it did last game I played. Meditation will calm me but almost make me sleepy. Yoga will make me feel ready for the day, and I think my gym sessions will be really beneficial as always making me feel exercised.

Sunday: Soccer game playing forward position vs mid-field I played last week

Monday: Meditation (longer than my last 5 minute one I tried)

Tuesday: Gym (running, weights, legs, and abs/stretching)

Wednesday: Yoga (focusing on proper stretching and posture)

Thursday: Gym (running, weights, legs, and abs/stretching)

Pwef! That week is over, and here are my great results!

Sunday: Soccer went well, the vigorous movements and running did not have a negative impact on me or my head/neck. I was surprised as I was playing more than usual, and more in the zone of play. I was quite pleased and relieved that I did not leave the field feeling awful!

Monday: I find Mondays to be a very stressful and long day, hence why I chose meditation for this day. Meditation is always a positive in my opinion. I have never had a negative experience and find it assists with my body and mental health. Great start to my school week with this practice. For anyone curious… the most quick and simple meditations are still extremely helpful. Here are some links to my favourites videos!

Tuesday: Gym was great as always! I found I ran faster and longer than normal. I also incorporated more intensity on my weights and that was not hard on my neck at all judging by my lack of bad symptoms.

Wednesday: As I had a long day with Link2 and seminar, this was much needed calm activity. A debrief after an action packed day was extremely helpful and allowed me to calm down physically and mentally. I will admit I lacked the posture and stretch part so I will aim to incorporate it next time!

Thursday: Thursday was very similar to Tuesday’s workout and I felt no negative symptoms afterwards. I am really enjoying how I feel after the gym as I get great exercise in but do not feel regrets or pain afterwards. I think I should definitely incorporate my assigned neck stretches too!

Overall, I had a great week when it came to exercise and my free inquiry! I had a little bump in my soccer game but I am lucky their shoulder only smoked my cheekbone and not my head directly! I was cautious and monitored my symptoms leading to still a successful game!

Thank you once again for tuning in, have the most fabulous and magnificent Monday and week ahead!

  • Em:)