Hello everyone! Today in class we discussed remote learning and how it can affect students, teacher, and all the pros and cons. Remote learning can create so many positive opportunities for certain individuals and negative situations for others. As a student who experienced remote learning, I found I faced both pros and cons in every class and both semesters last year. Below are some of my pros and cons I found through remote learning over the years (specifically last year).


  • flexibility in class schedule
  • less commute time
  • work all in one place
  • felt comfortable in my PJs at home
  • loved multitasking while listening to lectures
  • could go back on lectures and teachers words for studying and understanding
  • could look ahead at future work


  • lack of relationship with teacher
  • minimal peer relationships
  • studying/readings were hard and I felt unmotivated
  • due to being home, I was easily distracted
  • some teachers lacked the teaching aspect and it felt more like “here is this and do it”
  • everything was on a screen, and so doing other activities like Netflix and or emails on my laptop became boring and draining
  • I felt lazy due to sitting at my computer all day
  • I burnt out easily

As many of these were discussed in class, they were very much things I felt last year during our online school year. Here are some more I found through some research! I find remote learning can be fantastic for all participants including the teacher, it just needs to be approached properly. Incorporating movement breaks, discussion pods, mutual relationships, and fun into these remote learning and teaching styles can really benefit everyone and their outlook on the class. I found I learnt the most in engaging classes with my friends, and I learnt next to nothing in courses I was told to just read and write an essay with little teaching.

Overall, in life there are pros and cons to everything if you really look, but it is so important to remember time and place is key when teaching and what style you approach it in.

Sunny skies

  • Em:)